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Don't Starve Themed Series

2013-01-03 00:43:46 by DeadEndWorldStudios

I havn't put anything here for a bit have I. Finally got it back together though and thought I would try my hand at working in flash again. I've been doing a few voice acting jobs here and there and focusing mostly on content for my YouTube channel: re=mhee

Anyway, to new projects. The other day I was on a podcast with a group I've done some voice work for called Lethal Lens Productions:

One of the guys on the cast brought in a new guy called ZooteSoote. After checking out his YouTube channel I got inspired by a video he put up of some music he made that was inspired by the game Don't Starve: =LLN6ULHgu169-9ejsmB937cQ

Having played the game myself I gave it a listen and pretty much instantly got an idea for a series biased around that game. After throwing some thoughts together and getting his permission to use his music I came up with a test animation for the series:

All in all I think it came out well and gives a good idea of how I want to do the series. Currently though I am looking for an Artist who can replicate Don't Starve's art style to help with the project, if you just so happen to be an artist who can do that send me a message. Also check out Don't Starve on Steam. It's currently in Beta and is a rather entertaining survival game.


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2013-01-04 06:40:18

I love the game and my thoughts about you doing this are...

Fucking awesome.
I'd help if I could. :o

Good luck.